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US to assist ships in Hormuz

03 May 2015, News Wires – Navy to accompany US-flagged vessels in strategic strait following Iranian detention of Maersk ship.

Nigeria Navy_NNS_ThunderUS Navy vessels are to accompany US-flagged commercial ships through the Strait of Hormuz following the detention earlier this week of a Danish ship by Iranian authorities.

Tensions have increased in the strategic waterway that sees a large amount of oil tanker traffic, following the detention of the boxship Maersk Tigris on Tuesday.

Although the ship is Marshall Islands-flagged and, contrary to initial reports, has no US crew on board, US Navy vessels are now to assist home-flagged ships in the region, defence officials said.

Iran has said that the Maersk Tigris was detained due to a legal dispute and that it was sailing in Iranian waters at the time of the detention. The Danish owner has disputed this, saying it was in international waters at the time.

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