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Seriki says Omatek alternative power will address electricity challenges

14 May 2015, Lagos – Group Managing Director of Seriki has said the Omatek sola energy, which is an alternative to power supply, will address irregular supply of electricity in factories, schools, public offices, hospitals, hotels as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) business in the country.

Mrs. Florence Seriki, MD:CEO, Omatek Ventures PlcSeriki who stated this in Lagos recently said Omatek Ventures Plc, a local computer manufacturer and provider of reliable solar power solutions in Nigeria is set to cause a revolution in the Nigerian economy by offering the most cost efficient solar power solutions to schools, small businesses and big organisations in the country.

According to her, “The use of our solar/Light Emitting Diode (LED) solution can result in provision of power and in significant operational and maintenance cost savings for factories, schools, public offices, hospitals, hotels and SMEs in the country.”

Already, the company has commissioned its 50KVA 3-phase off-grid solar solution factory that will represent the solar solution for factories, banks, telecommunications firms, government and other organisations that require big power installations, Seriki told journalists in an interview.

Off-grid solutions, on-grid solutions as well as LED bulbs are available for customers at affordable prices. Omatek Solar Solution is a hybrid solution that provides 24 hours lighting/power solution, while providing 70 – 90 per cent cut/deduction in power consumption and drastically reducing power consumption by an average of 90 per cent on the overall, grid, thus enhancing growth in the real sector and general economic development, she said.

She listed some of the benefits of Omatek solar powered solution to include noise free, zero heat emission, brighter lighting, zero contribution to global warming, eco-friendly solution, zero maintenance costs, local content, health and safety benefits, long-life LED bulbs of 3-5 years and cost saving, among others.

According to her, “We have installed these solutions in schools, homes, offices and factories and we are proud to inform the public that the education sector welcomed the initiative since it supports the provision of power and green energy, that powers school hostels and all reading areas with 24 hours lighting. This initiative, according to the education sector, bridges the digital gap in our schooling system, as students have stopped reading in darkness.”

The benefits of commercial-scale solar energy extend far beyond the revenue will be generated each month. Solar benefits the world economically, environmentally and socially.

Seriki disclosed that Omatek’s solution can be installed faster than other traditional or renewable power plants. It produces local, on-site energy, which reduces the need for extensive high-voltage transmission lines or a complex infrastructure.

She said Omatek was already introducing low voltage electricity generated from solar energy to institutions like the University of Lagos and financial sector to save them up to 90 per cent reduction in the consumption of electricity.

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