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Power congestion: Lagos, Ogun gets succour from Oke-Aro 330/132/33kv


Kunle Kalejaye

16 May 2015, Sweetcrude, Lagos – Lagos and Ogun States can now heave a sigh of relief over the limited electricity supply from the national grid following completion and commissioning of the Oke-Aro 330/132/33kV power transmission infrastructure located between the border lines of the two states.

‎Nigeria’s Vice President, Namadi Sambo who spoke during the commissioning of the power transmission infrastructure at the weekend said the project will decongest over loaded Egbin power lines and Ikeja West to ease power transmission to Lagos and Ogun state.

Sambo explained that the Oke-Aro project is one in the series of power projects completed by Niger Delta Power Holding Company, NDPHC under National Independent Power Project, NIPP’s, three tiers of Nigerian government programme aimed at boosting economic and industrial development of the country.

‎The Vice President who was represented by the Minister of Power, Prof Chinedu Nebo gave further reason why the Oke-Aro project was conceptualised, noting that Lagos alone account for over 40 per cent of all power consumed in Nigeria due to its industrial and commercial nature.

“Prior to the advent of Oke Aro substation, there were only three 330/132/33kV substations in Lagos. One of these three, is Ikeja West 330/132/33kV Substation which was the major marshaling point for all power plant that flows its generation into Lagos.

“This development had thrown the State into a state of great congestion with limited space for safe expansion of capacity for increased flows into Lagos and environs.

“All the 330kV power lines from the Benin and Oshogbo 330kV hubs of the national grid – which were also serving as evacuation lines for NIPP new power plants at Omotosho as well as Olorunsogo, terminated there.

“Even 330kV evacuation lines for older major power plants such as Egbin in Lagos also terminated at Ikeja West.

“It was evidently clear therefore that an appropriate engineered relief substations that could provide substantial decongestion for Ikeja West in particular as well as the other two older 330kV substations in Lagos located at Akangba and Aja respectively was necessary.

“Oke Aro substation was therefore conceived with this need in mind and eventually sited in this community which lies between the border of Lagos and Ogun states to interface between Egbin Power plant and the Ikeja West substation,” Namadi Sambo said.

Providing insightful details of the project, Sambo said Oke Aro 330/132/33kV substation, one of NIPP’s several interventions within Lagos and Ogun states in this regard was equipped with large capacity 2 numbers 300MVA 330/132kV transformers, making the station the first of its kind in the grid with a total transformation capacity of 600MVA at the 330kV level. A 75MVAR 330kV shunt reactor was also installed for effective grid voltage control.

At the 132kV level, the Vice President continued “two 60MVA 132/33kV transformers were also installed providing a total of 120MVA transformation for bulk evacuation capacity into the 33kV distribution network in the immediate environment of Oke Aro.

“The station construction was completed with adequately rated busbars, switchgear, automation as well as protection and control equipment to enable it cope with the high power flows associated with its specially rated high capacity transformers.

“In order to achieve the objective of Oke Aro serving as a relief to Ikeja West, two of the three 330kV evacuation lines from Egbin Power plant to Ikeja West were turned in and out of Oke Aro to effect connection of the substation to the grid. Oke Aro was thereafter successfully energized from the grid on 22nd May 2013. All these facilities have been handed over to TCN for operations.”

To further address the immediate and future power needs of residents and businesses, the Vice President disclosed that two 33kv distribution lines and associated transformers have also been fully constructed and delivered to serve the Lagos axis customers, while two others are ongoing and imminently to be completed to service Mowe communities through MFM in Ogun state.

“Power supply to these communities will continue to improve as these projects are delivered,” he said.

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