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Erin Energy’s Oyo-8 well offshore Nigeria exceeds expectations

Vessel operating Oyo-8 development well, Nigeria.
Vessel operating Oyo-8 development well, Nigeria.

19 May 2015 – Independent oil company Erin Energy Corporation announced Monday that its Oyo-8 well offshore Nigeria has exceeded expectations by producing a stable rate of 7,080 barrels of oil per day.

Erin Energy is the operator of Oyo-8 and holds a 100 percent interest in the well. The company is currently undertaking drilling and completion operations on its Oyo-7 development well and expects to achieve first oil production from the site in the next few weeks.

Erin Energy Senior Vice-President of Exploration and Production Segun Omidele commented in a company statement: “We are pleased with the Oyo-8 well’s performance and delighted that well parameters are stable.

We plan to continue this very cautious well management approach and expect to bring Oyo-7 on production in a similar manner. We are advancing both our development and exploration work offshore Nigeria and look forward to an exciting second half of 2015.”

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