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Fuel Scarcity: Airlines reschedule flight operations

25 May 2015, Lagos – Due to the scarcity of aviation fuel caused by the strike action of oil workers in the country, airlines have rescheduled their flight operations leaving passengers stranded in Abuja.

Airplanes on the runway.
Airplanes on the runway.

Already, Vanguard investigations revealed that as a result of the paucity that hit the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) since the past three days, Abuja to Lagos flights are worst hit by the inadequate supply of the product.

Further findings showed that the current average price of aviation fuel is between N160 to N170 per litre, depending on the city but this may increase to over N200 per litre if the scarcity continues.

Passengers who thronged the Abuja airport with the intention of traveling out of the city were stranded as their flights were cancelled.

Dana Air in a statement, apologised to its teeming customer over the changes in its flight operations.

According to Dana, “Due to the current scarcity of Jet-A1 fuel being experienced in the country, we regret to inform you that all our flights will not operate regularly as scheduled.”

“We regret any inconvenience the changes will cause. All efforts are being made to ameliorate the situation and revert to our regular flight schedule.”

In the same vein, Aero also pleaded with its customers to bear with them at this time, Due to the current fuel scarcity in the country which is also affecting Jet fuel, we regret to inform you that there maybe changes to our flight scheduled operations”

Aero Contractors spokesperson, Mr. Simon Tumba, confirmed that the airline’s flights were also cancelled due to aviation fuel challenges.

An official of one of the airlines that the scarcity of aviation fuel and urged independent fuel marketers to make the product available so as not to impact negatively on the operations of domestic airlines.

“I can confirm to you that aviation fuel is scarce and it could impact on airline operations if the scarcity persists. Although, the price has not increased, but the product is not available; for now, aviation fuel sells for between N160 and N180 per litre. We are appealing to the fuel marketers to make the product available.”

The current ‘biting’ scarcity of petroleum products in the country may be taking a turn for the worse, as major domestic airlines in the country yesterday cancelled their flights, leaving thousands of air travellers stranded.

The two largest domestic carriers, Dana and Aero Contractors, cancelled all their flights because of the scarcity of aviation fuel particularly from Abuja to Lagos



– Vanguard

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