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Our in-house power tussle aggravated petrol scarcity, says IPMAN

27 May 2015, Lagos – The Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN) on Wednesday said that its prolonged in-house tussle for control of its affairs by various groups and power blocs contributed in no small measure to the scarcity of petrol and ongoing mess in Nigeria’s downstream petroleum sector.

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IPMAN said in Abuja that in as much as its members own and manage up to 60 per cent of petrol retail outlets in Nigeria, their leadership crisis ensured that they were mostly left out in the distribution of petrol to marketers in the country.

Its National President, Mr. Obasi Lawson, said at a briefing that the crisis in IPMAN prevented most members of the group from accessing petroleum products, alleging that the association’s share of petroleum products were diverted to other groups in the downstream petroleum sector due to its in-house crisis.

“IPMAN is a major player in the downstream subsector of the oil and gas industry. We control over 60 per cent of the retail outlets across the country and we have over 10,000 members with over 30,000 petrol stations. What the masses suffered because of fuel scarcity was largely caused by the crisis in IPMAN,” Lawson said.

He further explained: “Before the crisis started in IPMAN, you will agree that there was no problem of fuel scarcity for about three years into the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“But the suffering started as a result of this crisis and this is because we control 60 per cent of the retail outlets.

“During the crisis we were not getting products as and when due, the products that were supposed to come to us were diverted to MOMAN and DAPMAN. And as at that time most of our petrol stations were not selling.

It is not that we are not getting the products, but we get them at exorbitant prices and we have to transport it ourselves. It wasn’t the fault of the PPMC (Pipelines and Product Marketing Company), but it was because we were not united. They prefer giving it to MOMAN and DAPPMA that were united,” said Lawson.


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