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Energy theft threatens PHED revenues

Mkpoikana Udoma 20 June 2015, Sweetcrude, Port Harcourt –
The Port Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company, PHED, has decried the increasing loss of revenue caused by the activities of energy thieves.
Power-TransmissionxChief Executive Officer of PHED, Mr. Jon Abbas, disclosed this during a meeting with the Southern African Revenue Protection Association, SARPA and the inauguration of the  African Revenue Protection Association, ARPA, in Port Harcourt.
Mr. Abbas said energy theft is being orchestrated through meter bypass by customers and illegal hooking up to power lines, amongst others.
“The essence of the inaugural  meeting to start ARPA in Nigeria which will be part of International Revenue Protection Association  for all distribution company’s around the world, who are trying to fight and protect their revenues against energy theft.”
“By this association we are trying to share the best practices around the world, to bring those practices to fight against this huge problem that every distribution company especially in Nigeria is facing now, we have the issues of customers bypassing our meters; hooking up to our network illegally, amongst others.”
The Port Harcourt Disco boss, who said the company is threatened by loss of revenue due to energy theft, also called on members of the public to join hands in the fight against the problem
“Once we don’t have the revenues, we end up not providing a good and quality service, since basically customers steals energy without paying bills, the utility company does not have enough funds to go and improve the networks and therefore the quality of service for good customers who are not stealing, suffers.
“So it is a joint responsibility for all of us that we start this campaign to educate our customers and fight against this menace.”
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