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Workers allege influx of expatriates at Indorama/EPL

Mkpoikana Udoma 20 June 2015, Sweetcrude, Port Harcourt –
Workers at Indorama-Eleme Petrochemicals Limited, I/EPL, have expressed worries over alleged influx of Indian expatriates recruited into the company by the management, hinting that the company is suddenly becoming ‘Indian-only’.
Indorama operated Eleme petrochemicals plant.
Indorama-operated Eleme Petrochemicals plant, near Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

They also alleged that over 200 Indians are now working in the company, excluding their dependents who are also residing within the company complex.

The workers, who spoke on the grounds of anonymity, while registering their displeasure at the development to SweetCrudeReports in Port Harcourt, said the situation has brought great panic amongst Nigerians in the employ of the company.
They claimed that the influx of expatriates is following notice of redundancy served the workers earlier this year, which they viewed as a deliberate attempt to layoff Nigerian workers and pave the way for recruitment of more Indians to take over the job of Nigerians.
According to one of the sources, “It is very sad and worrisome that while thousands of Nigerian youths are roaming the streets looking for jobs, Indorama management is busy recruiting more Indians (most of whom are even less qualified) to come through illegal windows and do jobs quite different from quota jobs allotment. This is an insult on the potentials of Nigerians and it is unacceptable.”
The workers also said the company has made tremendous progress over the years and has been rated in the top ten of performing companies by the federal government, while dismissing as false claims of low profit outlay by the company.
“It is unacceptable that a company like Indorama is talking about redundancy; this is a company that has invested over $1.2billion in fertiliser plant and over $130billion in other plants. This is a company rated in the top ten categories of hundred companies in Nigeria by the Federal Government, having optimal production at higher capacity and making huge profit. How can such a company be talking of redundancy? This is just a plot to render Nigerians jobless in order to recruit more Indians. This should never be allowed to be,” a source stated.
The aggrieved workers called on the federal government led by President Muhammadu Buhari to wade into the matter in order to stop the injustice and save Nigerians from being slaves to Indians in their fatherland.
Meanwhile, the management of Indorama-Eleme Petrochemicals Limited has dismissed the allegations of purported influx of expatriates in the company, describing it as a false alarm aimed at misleading the public and tarnishing the good reputations of the company.
 Corporate Communications Manager of the company, Dr. Jossy Nkwocha, when contacted by SweetCrudeReports, explained that expatriate quota is regulated by the Federal Government and that the company has never breached the regulations in anyway.
“There is no truth whatsoever in such alleged influx of expatriates into our company. It is a lie. As a world-class organisation, Indorama-Nigeria employs both qualified Nigerians and expatriates, and they have worked as a team to achieve remarkable progress in the Company in the past nine years.
“Expatriate quota is regulated by the Federal Government and the regulation has not been breached in any way. Some person or persons may have, indeed, spewed this falsehood for their selfish interest,” he said.
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