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South Africa: Eskom stops load shedding


11 July 2015, Sweetcrude, Tshwane – Eskom has stopped load shedding due to improved performance at its power stations, the power utility said on Friday.

“Due to improved performance at our power stations and thanks to customers decreasing electricity demand, Eskom stopped load shedding at 13:41 on 10 July 2015. It is important to note that restoration of power takes longer in some areas,” said Eskom.

However, the utility said the electricity system is constrained and vulnerable with the risk of implementing load shedding tonight from 5pm remaining high.

“We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused by load shedding,” said Eskom.

In winter, the electricity demand peaks in the morning and evening as more electricity is used during these times. The utility appealed to all its customers to continue to reduce their electricity usage throughout the day but to be aware of the need to save more during the peak periods from 6am to 10 am and 5pm to 9pm.

“As the evening temperatures begin to drop, we urge electricity users to consider energy efficient ways of keeping warm. This is particularly important as we are currently experiencing cold weather across the country,” it said.

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