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Nigeria LPG export rises by 13%

04 August 2015, Lagos – Nigeria’s Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG, export appreciated by 13.07 per cent in 2014, according to data obtained from the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC.

cooking gasSpecifically, the NNPC, in its Annual Statistics Bulletin for 2014, stated that the country exported 472,537 metric tonnes, MT, of LPG in 2014 compared with 417,924MT exported in 2013.

The NNPC also said that LPG production in the country appreciated by 18.02 per cent, as a total of 483,529 MT of the product was produced in the year under review, compared to a total of 409,712 MT produced in 2013. According to the report, only two companies – Chevron and NNPC, accounted for the total LPG production and export.

Specifically, Chevron produced 193,412 MT, LPG, representing 40 per cent of the total LPG production of 483,529 MT, while the company also exported 177,087 MT, representing 37.5 per cent of total LPG exported in 2014. On the other hand, NNPC produced 290,117MT LPG and exported 295.450MT, representing 60 per cent and 62.5 per cent of total production and export in 2014 respectively.

Further monthly breakdown revealed as followed:

–              January – 33,798 MT produced, 28,486 MT exported;

–              February – 34,944 MT produced, and 29,555 MT exported;

–             March – 35,836 MT produced, 59,610 MT exported,

–             April – 40,448 MT produced, 29,529 MT exported;

–             May – 44,341 MT produced 29,813 MT exported;

–             June – 38,076 MT produced, 58,950 MT exported;

–             July – 41,876 MT produced, 29,654 MT exported;

–             August – 43,964 MT produced, 59,227 MT exported;

–             September – 37,943 MT produced, 29,430 MT exported;

–             October – 45,440 MT produced, 29,534 MT exported;

–             November – 43,656 MT produced, 59,272 MT exported; and,

–             December – 43,207 MT produced, 29,477 MT exported.

The report further stated that, “Total Natural Gas Liquid, NGL, produced in 2014 was 1.327 million metric tonnes. Mobil and NNPC had a share of 51 per cent and 49 per cent of the quantity respectively. A total of 1.272 million metric tonnes was lifted.” Specifically, Mobil produced total NGL of 676,530 MT and exported 679,521 MT NGL in 2014, while NNPC produced 650,004 MT and lifted 592,537 MT.

Giving a breakdown of NGL production and export in 2014, the report stated that Mobil and NNPC produced 512,985MT propane; 451,112MT butane and 362,437MT pentane. On the other hand, Propane export stood at 485,834MT; butane 426,886 MT and pentane 359,338 MT.

In general, the report said, “In the gas sector, a total of 2.524 trillion Standard Cubic Feet (SCF) of natural gas production was reported by 28 companies. This shows an increase of 8.56 per cent when compared with 2013 production. Of the quantity produced, 2.233 trillion SCF was utilised, while 289.60 billion SCF was flared.”

– Vanguard

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