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ECA unveils marginal oil field investors’ guide & report

Africa Small & Marginal Oil Fields Development Conference Debuts in London with NOCs Directors & Top Executives.
Africa Small & Marginal Oil Fields Development Conference Debuts in London with NOCs Directors & Top Executives.

04 September 2015, Sweetcrude, London – The huge appetite for investment in Nigeria’s upstream assets has received yet another boost with the unveiling of “An Investor’s Guide to Marginal Oil Field Acquisition in Nigeria”.

The Houston-based consulting firm, Energy and Corporate Africa unveiled the report “An Investor’s Guide to Marginal Oil Field Acquisition in Nigeria” to help potential investors and stakeholders take advantage of the first comprehensive report and investment guide on the opportunities in Nigeria’s marginal and small oil fields.

The report was unveiled in London at the Maiden African Small and Marginal Oil field Development Conference, which held at Crowne Plaza, the City, London.

At the well attended event graced by oil industry stakeholders and top leadership of Nigeria’s Department of Petroleum Resource, DPR, participants charted the way forward for Africa’s small and marginal oil fields; even as price compression continues.

The CEO of Energy and Corporate Africa, Chief Sunny Oputa noted that “the report is the foremost attempt to capture all dimensions of a marginal field investor’s concern”. He explained that “while marginal fields are attractive and lucrative, the challenges can be daunting to an uninformed investor, thus the need for the report.”

This insightful investment advisory comes in the wake of the extensive reforms going on in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas industry. Observers believe that block licensing rounds and farm out may soon follow these reforms, as Nigeria’s government makes frantic efforts towards raising dwindling revenues.

According to the author, Chijioke Mama “This report on Nigeria’s marginal oil fields is the first consolidated report of such depth, since the activities that started in these fields 14 years ago”.

He further explained that “It takes a deep look at the opportunities in Africa’s top producing basin; the Niger Delta, where over 183 fields holds estimated 2.3 billion (2P) reserves in an area with a familiar geology, favorable geography, abundant human capital and favorable fiscal incentives by the Government” Investment-focused consideration of financial challenges and solutions, operating risks and leverages, regulatory gaps, recent reforms in Nigeria and how current operators are moving on are all included.

Answering questions at the event the DPR’s Deputy Director for Upstream, Mr. Emmanuel Bekee, noted that the DPR has been ready for farm out activities since over a year and is only waiting for the government to beckon on them.

The full copy and the preview copy of this report is available at http://www.afroginvestmentsconference.com/#!an-investors-guide-to-marginal-oil-fiel/c3qg

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