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Power cuts in southern Mozambique for third day

*Power transmission-towers.
*Power transmission-towers.

03 October 2015, Maputo — Power cuts continued in parts of Maputo and elsewhere in southern Mozambique on Friday morning, 48 hours after a serious breakdown in the sub-station in the city of Matola.

A transformer in the sub-station has broken down, and attempts to reroute power via the Infulene sub-station do not provide enough electricity to supply all the consumers of southern Mozambique. Some places are worse hit than others – thus there are parts of downtown Maputo which have had no power since Wednesday morning.

The worst problems appear to be in the capital. The publicly owned electricity company EDM claims that power supplies have been normalized in Matola and in the neighbouring district of Boane.

According to EDM spokesperson Luis Amado, a specialist from the company that manufactured the transformer is now in Matola assessing the damage.

This specialist will tell EDM how serious the problem is and what perspectives there are for solving it. Amado told reporters that everything is dependent on the information from the specialist. Only after he has reported can EDM decide on its next steps. Amado added that major repairs to a transformer can take six or seven months.

Power cuts are thus likely to continue in southern Mozambique for the immediate future, causing severe headaches for businesses that do not have a back-up generator. Restaurant owners, for example, have complained that if they are unable to power their freezers, their stocks of food will rot.

The restrictions in power supply affect water pumps and the treatment station on the Umbeluzi river which supplies Maputo with most of its drinking water. As a result water shortages have hit parts of the capital. The Maputo water company warns that the situation will only return to normal once the electricity problems have been solved

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