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Ikeja Disco begins installation of 10,000 smart meters monthly

06 October 2015, Lagos – As part of the efforts to eliminate estimated billing and plug all the revenue linkages, Ikeja Electric has commenced the deployment of 10,000 Smart Meters monthly, with a target to hit a monthly average of 15,000 by December.

Prepaid electricity meters

Briefing journalists on the successful installation of 7,621 smart meters to customers under the company’s pilot scheme, the Chief Executive of Ikeja Electric, Mr. Abiodun Ajifowobaje said the target was to deploy 600,000 meters for new customers.

He said due to the bypassing of the company’s 58,000 prepaid meters by customers, the company had resorted to installation of special kind of prepaid meters called smart meters.

Ajifowobaje said with the smart meters, customers who compromised the meters would be detected in the company’s control room at the headquarters.

He stated that the company has prepared a time-table on how to install meters for customers in different locations within the distribution network.

According to him, customers in a given location will not be given meter until it is the turn of the customers in the area to get meters.
Ajifowobaje also noted that customers would not pay for the meters as the cost has been embedded in electricity bills.

“The meters are free of charge. The cost of the meter is embedded in the electricity bill. So, asking customers to pay for meters will amount to double payment,” he added.

He advised the company’s customers to wait until it is the turn of their area before applying for meters.

“We will not jump the queue and we will not say that because you are a friend of the house, we will then jump the queue when it is not yet the turn of your area. We will not install for you until it is your turn. Do not give anybody money because the meter is for free,” he added.

He said the company would start with the deployment of 10,000 meters monthly with a target to reach a monthly peak of 15,000 by December.

“Under the first phase, which will run from October 2015 to December 2016, we will install 300,000 smart meters. We have just concluded the deployment of the pilot phase,” he added.

On the fines imposed on the company by the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Ajifowobaje said the company would study NERC’s order and respond appropriately.

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