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West Africa Gas: Ghana pays $10m to Nigeria

18 October 2015, Accra – Government has settled part of its debt to the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo) and Nigeria Gas Association (N-GAs) following the first round of talks with the Nigerian authorities.

Gas pipeline
Gas pipeline

The payment buys Ghana some time to conclude negotiations to curtail the cut in gas supply from Nigeria.

The WAPCo had threatened to cut gas supply to Ghana on Friday dawn over 180 million dollar debt owed N-GAs, but it suspended the decision after the deadline for payment elapsed last night. A high level government delegation led by Power Minister Kwabena Donkor rushed to Nigeria Thursday after WAPCo issued the threat on Wednesday.

“Based on verbal communication we received last night that there is ongoing discussions about how VRA would meet the conditions that was set by N-GAs. So pending the result of that discussions, we have been asked by N-GAs to hold on,” she said.

Sources in Abuja, Nigeria told Joy News Editor Araba Koomson Ghana has committed first payment of close to 10 million dollars to N-GAs.

This agreement was reached with some conditions, Joy News has gathered.

N-GAs is owned by the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation and other multinational oil companies including Chevron and Shell. The partners are expected to meet over the weekend to structure out a payment plan which will be agreed on by other partners.


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