‘NLNG supplies 80% of domestic cooking gas’ 

Sam Ikeotuonye 25 November 2015, Sweetcrude, Lagos –  The Nigeria LNG Limited, NLNG, currently supplies about 80 per cent of domestic cooking gas used by Nigerians, according to the company’s Managing Director, Mr Babs Omotowa. 

Babs-Omotowa, NLNG boss

Mr. Babs-Omotowa, MD, NLNG

Omotowa, who maintained that the NLNG had a vision for the building of a better Nigeria, noted that it had been a major financial contributor to Nigeria’s economy since 1999.

“NLNG today supplies about 80 per cent of the domestic cooking gas being used by Nigerians apart from awarding scholarships to students in science and technology and other courses,” he said at the inauguration of a multi-user laboratory built by the company at the Ahmadu Bello University, ABU, Zaria.
He revealed that apart from ABU, the company was constructing a multi-user laboratory in selected university in each of the six geopolitical zones of the country as part of its efforts to promote science and technology.
According to him, any country without science and technology will certainly be left behind.
He said that the benefiting universities from each of the geopolitical zones were selected based on merit, through the world and national ranking of the universities.
The managing director said that the laboratories were meant not only to speed up progress of ABU, but also to facilitate national growth and development.
The ABU Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ibrahim Garba, said the multi-user laboratory was the first of its kind and first to be inaugurated in the entire country.
“It is now possible for students and researchers to compete favourably in real time with their colleagues across the globe,” he noted.
The multi-user laboratory with six different laboratories was furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.
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  • Issi

    This is what I called misplased priority for the government of Nigeria. NLNG and the leadership, needs to stop deceiving the citizens of this country by giving tokens, while making sure the rest of the world are secured with liquefied natural gas to power its industries, while giving cooking gas to Nigerians. We in Nigeria need our industries developed, power our generating plants just as the Europe, Asia, South America, America, and God knows how many other regions NLNG supply. Nigeria can also utilise liquid gas just like the world. Why should we supply liquid natural gas to therest of the world, receive the Dollars, then squander it? Oh is it because we don’t have the technology to transport it to various power plants and our industrial areas of the country. The technology to gather the gas, liquefied it, store it, and deliver it to the ships are all here with NLNG, yet we ignore the fact that we can go further to build the transportation, storage and evaporation technology to convert it back to gas make it usable to our industries, power plants and all others that can use liquefied natural gas. Thid is exactly was your customers do when you deliver the liquid gas to them before it goes to their industries, power plants and everything else. So, you give 1 million dollars here and there to universities to build laboratories, yet you know they have no power to power the labs. I challenge you to build distribution, storage and evaporation technology for all these universities, instead of the token so they can build their own power plants, power their campuses, there labs, and watch what the education, social and economic impact will be in the larger society. Do the right thing and stop the hypocritical views of Nigeria, or explain to the citizens why we can power the world, but can’t power our own nation.

    • Fred

      Very well said. Stop gap approaches to our problems will never solve the issues we face as a nation be it gas or power supply