How alleged corruption in NNPC is fueling petrol scarcity

29 November 2015, Abuja – The current fuel scarcity across Nigeria is due largely to the entrenched corruption at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, reliable sources familiar with the operations of the state-owned oil company have said.

Fuel scarcity persists

Fuel scarcity persists

The NNPC had said the resurgent queues in filling stations were due to panic buying and claimed it had 1.4 billion litre petrol reserve.

But our sources have countered claims by the corporation, saying the current scarcity might last till year end because the depots were drying up fast.

They believe the NNPC remained riddled by corruption and inefficiency with some top officials acting from the same “compromised” script that characterised the Goodluck Jonathan administration.

“They (NNPC) haven’t changed,” one of our sources said. “It’s still the same old lies. They say they have 1.4 billion litres, Nigeria consumes N35 million litres a day. By my calculation that should last us for 40 days. So if somebody says he has 1.4 billion litres, how come there are queues.

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