Fuel Scarcity: Hard times await travelers in Jigawa

24 December 2015, Dutsea –  As fuel scarcity bites harder across the nation, Christians in Jigawa State may not be able to travel to their various hometowns to celebrate Christmas with their families and beloved ones.

Fuel scarcity

Fuel scarcity

During a visit to Dutse Central motor park by Vanguard, it was observed that scores of commercial vehicles were parked by the drivers due to the acute fuel shortage facing the state in the last two weeks, with only fewer vehicles waiting for passengers at the station, who have procured fuel at very high rate or must have slept at the filling station for days to refill their vehicles.

Mallam Saadu Ibro, a commercial driver decried high cost of the commodity at black markets which cost N350 per liter as a gallon of four liters was sold for N1,400 as against the normal price of N600.

He said that the situation had compelled them to increase transport fare by 70 per cent.

“Number of passengers traveling to various destinations has drastically reduced in those days.”

According to him, “This has made them to carry overload in their vehicles, as a car that carried four passengers now carries six and a vehicle that can contained 10 persons now conveyed 14.”

Mr. Obinna Okonkwo a non-native conducting his business in Jigawa State narrate his orderly on the situation, saying he has decided to suspend his Chrisman trip to his hometown due to the fuel scarcity as he could not afford to buy it at the high price from the black market.

“The situation country has found itself has compelled me to suspend my journey, I will celebrate the festivities here,” he said with regrets.

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