Total Nigeria boosts safer road transportation of petroleum products

30 December 2015, Lagos – Total Nigeria has installed two high-tech driving simulators at its Truck Drivers Training School and Inspection Centre in Ibadan and its Head office in Lagos.

TotalAccording to the company, the move is part of its commitment to improving road safety with the broad objective to replicate and model real-life driving conditions for the purpose of building safe driving practices and culture amongst truck drivers in the country.

The simulators are to serve as active training tools that will be used to prepare drivers for the management of unpredictable hazards that may occur when driving, such as collision avoidance.

Studies have shown that motor vehicle crashes are significantly higher among inexperienced drivers during their first year of licensure, indicating also that crash risks decline with increased experience. With this knowledge, Total Nigeria has said training such drivers using these simulators significantly reduces crash risks.

Total’s Truck Drivers Training School and Inspection Centre in Ibadan, Oyo state was established March 28, 2011 with the goal of creating a fully structured and well-equipped learning environment for improving the knowledge and method of truck driving as well as encouraging safe driving behaviours in the country.

Backed by an ultra-modern facility housing an auditorium, a laboratory, and a loading gantry, Total Nigeria says this and similar initiatives from its stable are designed to improve products transportation, increase safety as well as commit to a better future, and better energy efficiency.

Total Nigeria Plc’s Management System for Transport Coordinator, Mr. Ajibola Abdulwaheed Alaga, said the Total Truck Drivers Training School and Inspection Centre in Ibadan, Oyo state, has witnessed series of remarkable improvements since it was established on March 28, 2011.
“It has been given several facelifts with modern facilities to effectively educate drivers, enhance and improve driver safety, knowledge and driving methods,” Alaga said.

The Ibadan drivers’ training school currently houses three standard classrooms, an auditorium, a laboratory, automated accident intervention, fire-fighting platforms, and a loading gantry. The course is taught over four days, in English, as well as the three main Nigerian languages of Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba, with pictorial illustrations and extensive practical sessions to ensure the drivers deeply understand the instructions and messages.

Also speaking, Total Nigeria Plc’s General Manager (Health Safety Environment & Quality), Mr. Rabiu Abdulmutalib said: “With continued success, the Total Truck Drivers Training School and Inspection Centre is well on its way to improving road transportation safety as well as the transportation and distribution of petroleum products throughout Nigeria. More importantly, since its establishment truck accident rate and accident fatality have reduced by over 60% and 95% respectively. This is an indication of our commitment to improved transportation safety and a better energy future.”

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