Fuel scarcity, electricity hike products of APC’s visionless economic policies’

06 January 2016, Port Harcourt — The Chairman, Rivers State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Bro Felix Obuah, has strongly asked Rivers citizens to be prepared to resist a visionless All Progressives Congress that has improvished them and destroyed the economy just as he criticized the increase in electricity tariffs as announced by the All Progressives Congress Federal Government through the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, describing the new power tariff regime as a further means of bringing hardship and suffering on Rivers electricity consumers and indeed all Nigerians, in the absence of affordable and available petroleum products.

Fuel-scarcityThe PDP Chairman in a statement signed by Jerry Needam, his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity abhorred the decision of the Commission and by extension the federal government for the wrong timing and the excruciating pains on Nigerians who voted in anticipation of positive change but are now struggling to survive the effects of bad economic policies and actions of the APC administration at the centre.

Considering the plight of innocent Rivers consumers in this circumstance, the PDP is of the view that the Federal government should takes urgent and effective steps in addressing the dwindling economic situation and poverty that is growing across the country so as to cushion the resultant effects of such increment in electricity power tariffs.

Bro Obuah, while sympathizing with Rivers people, called on them to resist bad economic policies of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by speaking out and be prepared to resist a visionless APC that has improvished them and destroyed the economy.

The PDP Chairman further urged the NERC to reconsider its decision, particularly its implementation at this period when the economy appears to have collapsed under the current APC government at the centre, and when good governance has become an illusion in the country.

The Party also said that in few months of the live of Buhari administration petroleum products have been consistently scarce while the available one is sold exorbitantly, prices of food items and other consumables rising astronomically, transport fare becoming unbearable, while essential service now a mirage in the country. This, the PDP is unacceptable as it negates the very essence of government.

The PDP Chairman, Bro Felix Obuah also condemned the inability of the APC led Federal Government under Buhari to release money meant for States from the Federation Account in December, which affected the payment of workers salaries before Christmas and New Year.

Bro Obuah said that the APC lacked vision and sound economic policies to drive Nigeria successfully, and urged Rivers People to shun the APC and all its candidates.


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