Nigeria: Group condemns attacks on oil installations

25 January 2016, Lagos – The Professionals of South-South Nigeria (PSS) has condemned the recent attacks on oilfield installations in the Niger Delta.

*Military personnel inspecting damaged pipeline.

*Military personnel inspecting damaged Warri gas pipeline.

In a press release signed by the group Coordinator, Mr Emmanuel Usanga and Deputy Coordinator, Mr Austin Emuan, the group regretted the action of some disgruntled elements in the Niger Delta and who have chosen the path of perfidy by blowing up oilfield Installations in Delta State, in order to reject or challenge the Federal Government’s resolve to investigate the corruption and embezzlement of public funds by persons hitherto entrusted with public office.

“From the photographs accompanying these dastardly acts we have seen clear evidence of oil spill and environmental degradation surrounding the blown-off wellheads and pipelines. Clearly, these attacks on infrastructures are acts of war against the people of and ecosystem of the Niger Delta,” the group said.

 The group noted that it was inconceivable that such an act of deliberate damage can be contemplated, executed or exacerbated by any decent stakeholder in the growth, development and progress of the Niger Delta.

On the way forward, the group said: “We recommend that a law be enacted or an executive directive be issued that in the event of vandalisation of federal infrastructures, or damage caused to petroleum pipelines, electricity grid, railway lines or roads and bridges as acts of theft, crime, or sabotage, the local council in the area in which the crime occurred should forfeit its federal revenue allocation from that time onwards until the perpetrators of the crime are produced by the local council in which these assets have been destroyed.”

  • The Guardian
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