Ghana: Electricity tariff hike cut to 45 & 50 per cent



30 January 2016, Accra — The government has agreed to reduce the recently upwardly adjusted electricity tariff from 59.2% to 45% and 50%, respectively for two specific categories of consumers.

Consumers who fall within the 0 – 50 units band (lifeline), will enjoy the greater relief.

They will only now suffer a 45% increase instead of the 59.2% announced earlier by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC), while those, who fall within the 51 – 300 units band will suffer a 50% hike instead of the 59.2%.

Apart from the two categories, all other consumers will suffer the 59.2% hike. The deal was announced in a memorandum of understanding signed between government and Organised Labour on Wednesday January 27.

Organised Labour had demanded – in a demonstration – that recent hikes in power (59.2%) and water (67.2%) tariffs be reduced to 50% across the board.

They suspended a two-day nationwide strike to re-engage government over their demands, which on Wednesday culminated in an agreement which leaders of Organised Labour have said, is satisfactory enough.

Apart from slashing the power tariff hike, the Government has also agreed to “cushion” Industry.

The Association of Ghana Industries (AGI) is to write to the Presidency identifying two prioritised areas for which industries will need cushioning.

Additionally, the government has ordered the Electricity Company of Ghana to sort out the over-billing mishap that happened after the tariff hikes.

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