Mass disconnection by DISCOs is illegal – NERC

Kunle Kalejaye 08 June 2016, Sweetcrude, Lagos -The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, says mass disconnection being carried out by power distribution companies, DISCOs, is illegal.

NERCNERC on it website said any mass disconnection carried out by the DISCOs contravened section 5-11 of the Commission’s Connection and Disconnection Procedures for Electricity Services Regulation.
Consequently, NERC said any mass disconnection carried out by DISCO should be reported to the commission through its Abuja office address.
The post reads: “The attention of the commission has been drawn to incidents of mass disconnection of electricity supply to communities, villages, Local Government Areas and Estates by Distribution Companies premised on purported nonpayment of electricity bills.
“Please note that the commission has developed procedures for disconnection of defaulting customers as contained in the Regulation on Connection and Distribution for Electricity Services. The Commission has also banned mass disconnection of electricity customers”.
“Therefore, any community, village, local government area or estate wrongfully disconnected from electricity supply should report to the commission for its further action.
“Electricity customers who pay their bills should not be disconnected via a mass disconnection of his/her community, blocks of flats estate etc,” NERC further said.
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