Nigeria: Anxiety grows as another militant group vows more violence

*Militants regroup.

*Militants regroup.

*Gives govt two weeks to meet conditions

Oscarline Onwuemenyi

11 June 2016, Sweetcrude, Abuja – A new militant group, The Ultimate Warriors of the Niger Delta, has vowed more damage and violence against oil and gas installations unless the Nigerian government relinquishes 60 percent of oil and gas revenues to the people native to the Niger Delta region.

The group presented the order as a condition for a possible ceasefire after attacks it has committed, along with those perpetrated by the Niger Delta Avengers, have caused a 50 percent fall in national oil production.

Also, according to a statement by the Ultimate Warriors’ spokesman, ‘Gen’ Sibiri Taiowoh, attacks on oil facilities would continue till the $16 billion Export Processing Zone and the Federal Maritime University projects that former President Goodluck Jonathan began had been fast-tracked for completion.

The group warned that next targets would be Chevron BOP, Okan Platform, MEREN Gas Gathering Compression Platform and the Chevron Tank Farm if the government did not meet the group’s demands within two weeks.

“We are also behind the recent pipeline bombing in the Niger Delta region and I can assure you we will not stop until the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) project and the Maritime University are totally completed and start operations.

“We would resist any attempt to give surveillance contracts of pipeline in our backyard to foreigners. We want the pipeline jobs to be given to our indigenous people,” the statement added.

The group, which, like the Niger Delta Avengers, vows not to kill innocents and cause only property damage, also spoke out against what they considered to be the distribution of oil profits, noting that 80 percent of the money has been given to regions in non-oil producing areas.

It stated that “Since the people of the Niger Delta suffer the brunt of oil pollution and degradation in the region, the residents should receive at least half of the oil profits.”

The Nigerian economy has been reeling from the unceasing attacks on pipelines, which has equally affected the power supply across the country. The Nigerian government has, so far, been unable to check the activities of these groups, even as efforts to engage the militants have failed.

Recall that another militant group, Niger Delta Avengers, which had claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on oil and gas installations in the Niger Delta region, on Wednesday, shunned an invitation by the government to negotiate a peace agreement this week and proceeded to blow up one of Chevron’s wells.

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