Lawmakers laud Dorman Long’s commitment to growing Nigerian Content

*Dorman Long Engineering fabrication facility.

*Dorman Long Engineering fabrication facility.

04 July 2016, Lagos, Nigeria — The Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Local Content, Mr. Emmanuel Ekon has lauded the commitment of the new management of Dorman Long Engineering towards building and sustaining the growth of Nigerian Content, especially ongoing work on the Egina project.

Mr. Ekon who spoke during a courtesy visit to the company at the weekend said: “We have witnessed the immense work you are currently doing on the Egina Project amongst others. We are delighted to see a local company that is significantly contributing to the socio-economic development of Nigeria.

“Your presentation on the industry insight and challenges has been impactful and well received. We have also noted the gaps in the industry and we will ensure we address them. As a committee, we will discuss further to see how we can collectively build the capacity of this industry.

“However, I encourage your association, PETAN, to share a more holistic list of industry requirements that would allow your organisations meet their objectives. Our members are keen to build a good relationship with your association and of course, we are here to support and to work with you.”

The Chairman of the Committee who was accompanied on the visit by 13 other lawmakers pointed out that his committee’s objective is to further reinforce their commitment to supporting local companies in achieving their long-term objectives.

Earlier, the Chairman of Dorman Long Engineering, Dr Timi Austen-Peters and his team welcomed Members of the House of Representatives Committee on Local Content to their head office in Lagos State.

Dorman Long Engineering is the leading Nigerian EPIC company serving Nigeria industry sectors including – Power, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industries.

The 100% owned Nigerian Company was established in 1949 as a structural steel engineering fabrication and installation company, originally owned by British Steel (now Tata).

The company has recently undergone a major restructuring to further provide increased customer focus and improved customer delivery.During the visit, the Dorman Long team discussed its key objectives showing itself to be a loyal partner to Nigeria.

The team also embarked on a tour of Dorman Long’s fabrication facilities. Dorman Long’s key offerings in Nigeria include:
– Capacity to generate 40,000 direct and indirect jobs
– Strong skills, technology transfer and capacity building
– Domestication of spending
– reducing need for scarce forex
– Long Term Cost reduction
– National Self-Reliance
– a self-reliant economy exudes confidence
– National Security
– a self-reliant economy secures the future of her people and ensures the independence of a vital sector.

Members of the House of Representatives were impressed with the achievements and facilities of Dorman Long.

Dr Timi Austen-Peters thanked the Chairman for his words of encouragement and assured the team of Dorman Long’s commitment to Nigeria, “There’s no doubt that we are partners in progress and we would like to reassure you that we have extensive plans that will be strongly beneficial to Nigeria’s socio-economic climate.
Our expansion plan will see significant job creation, skills and technology transfer, as well as capacity building.”

Dorman Long Engineering is currently planning the development of a new yard in the south-south axis or in Lagos to better serve its various clients.

About Dorman Long Engineering
The company was established in 1949 as a structural steel engineering fabrication & installation company, originally owned by British Steel (now Tata). The company became 100% Nigerian owned in 1987 with the acquisition of British Steel Shares by a Nigerian Investors. Dorman Long Engineering provides a full range of services and consistent project delivery to the Power, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas and Heavy Industries within Nigeria and West Africa. The company’s services include: engineering, materials management, fabrication, galvanising, asset management, and brownfield and marine maintenance.

Dorman Long Engineering Nigeria Limited is the only West African company to consistently hold and maintain ASME certification, in addition to being an IS09001 certified company.

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