Africa’s LPG producers, distributors to meet in Dar es Salaam

LPG or cooking gas refilling plant

LPG or cooking gas refilling plant

17 July 2016, Dar es Salaam — Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) producers and distributers across Africa are scheduled to meet Dar es Salaam for a three-day summit to discuss barriers to growth and distribution of LPG in the continent.

Oryx Energies’ General Manager Global LPG, Blaise Edja said in a statement yesterday that the meeting would discuss supportive policies necessary for provision of better access to LPG for populations and companies across the region.

“Population growth, together with continued economic and social development, has increased energy demand in Africa and the need to protect the environment. We are convinced that LPG is an ideal solution and we expect this type of summit to support the policies necessary to provide better access to LPG for populations and companies across the region,” he is quoted in the statement as saying.

According to Mr Edja whose company is a leader in the LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) industry in sub-Saharan Africa, LPG is readily available, easily stored and transported, and produces fewer greenhouse gases than any other fossil fuel.

“LPG is a cleaner, healthier, safer, affordable and more ecological energy alternative to firewood, charcoal and kerosene, which are still widely used in sub-Saharan Africa”, he explained. Oryx Energies’ has been promoting LPG in sub-Saharan Africa for over 15 years.
– Tanzania Daily News
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