Hostcom to build 10 refineries in oil-producing communities

*Petroleum refinery.

*Petroleum refinery.

Ike Amos

29 July 2016, Sweetcrude, Abuja — Oil-producing communities, under the auspices of Host Communities of Nigeria, Producing Oil, and Gas has announced plans to construct a minimum of 10 modular refineries in each of the 10 oil-producing states in Nigeria.
According to a statement by National Chairman of HOSTCOM, Mr. Mike Emuh, disclosed that proposed refineries would be financed from the N2 trillion gas flare penalty fund meant for the group that had been stuck in the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN over the years.

He said, “We want to build modular refineries because we have over N1 trillion to N2 trillion with the Federal Government as a result of money paid by the International Oil Companies through the Department of Petroleum Resources, DPR, to the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN.

“DPR collects the money and the money is stuck with the CBN. If the money is released to us, we are going to establish not less than 10 modular refineries in each of the oil producing states.”

He further called on the Federal Government to immediately set up the 10 percent equity commission, as stipulated in a Bill sent to the National Assembly, by late former President, Umaru Yar’Adua.

He said the Niger Delta region, had over the years been neglected, under-developed, adding that the region lacked roads, water, electricity, and schools.

He disclosed that the ‘10 percent Equity Commission’ should be established from the 10 per cent equity as stipulated in the Bill.

He said, “What we want the government to do for the host communities is to recognize the suffering masses of the host communities, pass a Bill, establish a commission, either the ‘10 per cent Equity Commission’; establish that from the 10 per cent equity. It was an Executive Bill sent by Yar-Adua to the National Assembly. Nine years later, it has not been approved. They should pass the PIB in favour of the Host Communities.

“Also, the 13 percent derivation, which is in the Exclusive List of the national constitution, should go directly to the host communities, not to the hand of the governors of the state and then to the local government. There is no law in the country that says so. This is between the president and the host communities. It should be given to the host communities.”

Emuh, however, lamented the return of violence in the Niger Delta region, while blamed the crisis on the neglect the region had suffered over the years.

He said, “The crisis is as a result of total negligent and neglect of the people. If the Federal Government decides to listen and work with the host communities and also develop the area, no one would fight what is good.
“We want a total and economic transformation. We want to talk about mechanized agriculture and industrialization of the South-South. This will bring about a total economic transformation.”

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