Kenya: Petrol, diesel prices rise but crude oil falls

A motorist refueling at a petrol-pump15 August 2016, Nairobi – Petrol, diesel and kerosene prices will increase tonight by Sh2.20, Sh1.27 and Sh1.03 a litre respectively despite a 9 per cent drop in crude prices, the Energy Regulatory Commission has said.

The new prices for Nairobi are Sh95.13, Sh84.51 and Sh62.48 a litre for petrol, diesel and kerosene respectively.

The ERC attributed the higher prices on the delay between order and delivery which led to the country using June stock instead of July’s whose prices were much lower.

The agency also attributed the increase to a weaker currency. This means the cost of transport, food and other expenses will rise to increase your cost of living.

The prices of fuel had spiked in July following an increase in fuel taxes.

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