Ghana’s dispute with Ivory Coast affects oil development – President Mahama

*TEN project in Ghana.

*TEN project in Ghana.

22 August 2016, Accra – Ghana’s President John Mahama said on Thursday that a maritime boundary dispute with Ivory Coast had affected the development of the new TEN oil field, but that Ghana was nonetheless committed to a peaceful resolution of the dispute.

Mahama was speaking shortly after an opening ceremony for Ghana’s second commercial crude oil field in the western city of Takoradi.

“The maritime boundary dispute had impacted TEN development activities in the disputed area as the provisional measures order from the international tribunal included an order prohibiting new oil wells in the field,” Mahama said.

“We remain committed to a peaceful resolution of this dispute, and we look forward to the final resolution of this matter sometime next year.”

*Kwasi Kpodo; Tim Cocks; Editing – Toby Chopra – Reuters

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