LADOL, INTELS feud divides presidency

*Mr. Simone Volpi, Managing Director of Intels.

*Mr. Simone Volpi, Managing Director of Intels.

28 August 2016, Lagos – Fresh facts have emerged that the feud between Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base Limited (LADOL) and Integrated Services Nigeria Limited (INTELS) have divided the Presidency as the promoters of both companies have penetrated the top inner recess of power to solicit for support.

While Chief Oladipo Jadesimi is the founder and Executive Chairman of the multi-million naira facility situated adjacent Africa’s largest container terminal and Nigeria’s premier and busiest port, Apapa Quay, INTELS in which former President Atiku Abubakar has substantial equity shares holds sway in the hub of the oil and gas industry, Onne, Eleme Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Apart from Onne, INTELS is also the concessionaire of the nation’s seaports situated in the Cross River State capital, Calabar and Warri, Delta State.

It is on record that there is no love lost between both companies as their promoters have continued to flex muscles in a supremacy contest in the maritime industry. While LADOL claimed it has approval of the Federal Government to carry out its business in its present location, a committee set up by the Minister of Transportation, Right Hon. Rotimi Chibike Amaechi has picked holes in the documents presented by the firm.

To ensure that it does not lose out in battle for the soul of the maritime industry, the company has solicited for the support of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo just as INTELS has not relented in its quest to prove a point that LADOL’s operations in Lagos is illegal.

Alleged to be a monopoly by its competitors, the terminal operator is said to be having the listening ears of some close aides of President Mohammadu Buhari.

THISDAY checks revealed that it was the division in the Presidency over LADOL and INTELS feud that was partly responsible for the inability of Amaechi’s committee to make public its findings or take a decision on the matter several months after it completed its assignment. It is not only the Presidency that the lingering rivalry between LADOL and INTELS has succeeded in causing a division as some government agencies are also in support or against either companies.


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    Personal View-Intel is so pro North, not just Atiku holding a stake in it, but since I worked there I know Intel is so pro North looking at its structure and Gabrielle Volpi knows his onions when it comes to Nigerian politics and government , and in this Govt, I don’t see Intel losing out in any way, yes they are a big monopoly and not the best place to work for, but they try massively for the economy of Rivers state and keep thousands of people in Jobs, However Ladol might be sayings it’s a competition but Ladol is just another attempt of taking what belongs to the south and giving it to the west. Lagos has oil now, so let oil operator drilling in Lagos fields use Ladol, as Logistics base – all those in the South use Intel One Logistics base and free Zone which was ment to attract industries Into the region- now setting up Ladol if it can generate new business is a good thing, but trying to take business out of Intel and the south, that’s where I see Ladol not doing right by the Niger Deltans who’s land and region has been keeping his organisation even in business, Nigeria govt should realise that everything must not be in Lagos, especially not at the expense of all the other regions, it makes no sense. Lagos found oil only just a year or so now, but we know for decades now all IOC head office, was and is still in Lagos -no body is challenging that so now they still want to drag all the deep sea logistics business to Ladol, and Lagos again no na haba. We all can live and work in Lagos .. my two cents, sorry my two kobo

  • Ukpong Emmanuel Joseph

    The maritime industry in Nigeria should be open for competition as well as expansion into the regions in the country that have operationals terrains (natural deepwater/ sea) like Calabar, Ikot Abasi/Ibeno/Oron, Onne, Port Harcourt, Rumuolumeni, Bonny, Brass, Warri, Excravos, Ogun, Lagos, etc. Monopoly should not be allowed anymore in the industry in order to create employment opportunities across board….!