Total Uganda introduces less pollutant fuel

Total 129 August 2016, Kampala – Total (Uganda) last week begun selling Total Excellium which the company says is less pollutant to the environment writes PAUL TENTENA.

“The new generation unleaded petrol and diesel is available in all of the 125 Total service stations across the country,” to Stanislas Mittelman , the Senior Vice President, Africa/Middle East at Total Marketing & Services said.

He said, “It combines the best of Total’s technological know-how in its formula and reflect our very high commitment to quality. Our research teams developed these fuels to provide an ever-more effective response to our customers’ growing focus on engine care.”

He said the new fuel is a innovation to help their customers consume better. “A clean engine uses less fuel, pollutes less and lasts longer,” he said.

He said while new power trains deliver increasingly high performance, they are also increasingly sensitive to buildup. “An accumulation of deposits can affect the engine’s operation and negatively impact performance, resulting in higher fuel consumption, a rise in harmful emissions and less power,” he told invited guests at the event.


  • East Africa Business Week
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