Fluenta signs agreement with KOC to supply flare gas meters

*Fluenta FGM 160 Ultrasonic Flare Meter.

*Fluenta FGM 160 Ultrasonic Flare Meter.

*14 systems for multi-point smokeless high-pressure flare sites at South and East Kuwait gathering centres
*Project supports Fluenta’s continued expansion in the Middle East

31 August 2016, Sweetcrude, London — Fluenta, a global leader in ultrasonic measurement and management technology, today announces a contract to supply flare gas meters to Kuwait Oil Company, KOC.

Fluenta will supply KOC with flare gas meters to be used at multi-point smokeless high-pressure flare sites at 14 South and East Kuwait gathering centres.

The project supports Fluenta’s continued expansion into the Middle East energy market. Fluenta’s flare gas meters were sold directly through Warba Group, representatives of Fluenta to Musref KOC’s engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) group.

Sigurd Aase, CEO of Fluenta, comments: “Test results demonstrated to Kuwait Oil Company that Fluenta ultrasonic flare gas meters are the most accurate and reliable flow measurement devices available.”

In more than 30 years of business, Fluenta has become a global leader in the measurement, monitoring, and management of flow. The company leads in ultrasonic technology – by far the most accurate means by which to measure the flow of liquid or gas. Fluenta’s flare gas monitoring solutions have been deployed hundreds of times by the largest oil companies and in some of the most challenging environments in the world.

Founded in 1985 Fluenta is the global leader in flow sensing, measurement, and management using ultrasonic technology. The company serves the chemicals, petrochemicals and Oil & Gas markets, where it is the leader in European offshore flare gas monitoring. Fluenta originates from Norway and has offices around the world, including the UK, Poland, Norway and the USA.

Kuwait Oil Company
Kuwait Oil Company was established in 1934 by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, now known as the British Petroleum Company, and Gulf Oil Corporation, now known as Chevron Corporation.

Kuwait Oil Company’s activities include exploration, onshore and offshore surveys, drilling of test wells, and developing of producing fields in addition to crude and natural gas exploration.

The company’s main role is to explore, develop and produce hydrocarbons within the State of Kuwait, promote the care and development of its citizens and deliver its commitments to stakeholders in a compliant, profitable, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

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