Tanzania: Poor grasp leads to gas explosions

LPG-Cooking-gas-cylinders20 September 2016, Dar Es Salaam – Increased use of liquefied petroleum gas, according to experts is likely to reduce the impact of environment degradation that is mainly manifested through tree felling.

But lack of wherewithal on how to install the cylinder to a cooking stove can be dangerous to users.

Nelly Kalokola, a resident of Bwiru Ward, Mwanza City is among victims of Liquefied Petroleum Gas users.

She says when she bought an LPG cylinder she had little knowledge about how to install the source of energy to her stove.

She says she bought the cylinder from a vendor, who, unfortunately, did not inform her about the guidelines on how to install the cooking apparatus to the LPG cylinder.

Ms Kalokola notes that she was also not advised on safety measures while using the source of energy for cooking.

According to her, she asked her neighbour to connect the cylinder to the cooking stove, oblivious of her his little knowledge about installation processes.

However, after the connection, she says, she lighted her cooking stove and neither did she know that the rubber tube connecting the cylinder to the cooking stove was loosely fixed to the nozzle.

She says fire sparked from the nozzle point of the cylinder. “There was no firefighting equipment to help her,” she says.

She says that she feared losing all of her valuables including the house. All of a sudden, she got courage to fight the fire bare handed.

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