Tanzania: Oil firm says disappearance of staff, tankers ‘fishy”

01 April 2017, Dar es Salaam – The management of Ultimate Security Limited, whose two guards went missing when two oil tankers disappeared from the Mount Meru Petroleum Limited Depot, says ‘they smell fish’ in the whole racket.

The Ultimate Security’s General Manager, Mr Eliuta Mwanjawike, says his firm is also worried about the safety of its two members of staff who have since gone missing; “If there was something fishy in the whole arrangements … chances are they were abducted by the criminals who staged the truck theft,” said Mr Mwanjawake.

The two guards have been identified as Mr Daudi Alfred Osujaki, 32, and resident of Njiro and Mr Paschal Mtanda (aged 40), a resident of Majengo area. Both are still at large even though the stolen trucks, with nearly 80,000 litres of fuel (diesel) in their tanks recovered intact.

“We have automatic monitoring systems on all the stations that our guards are deployed … the one at Mount Meru Depot in Mbauda was also active and remained so until around five hours after midnight,” said the Ultimate Security CEO.

  • Tanzania Daily News
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