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How to achieve energy sufficiency- NERC

*Electricity distribution transformer.

OpeOluwani Akintayo

06 January 2018, Sweetcrude, Lagos — The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, has advised electricity consumers on how to reduce energy consumption which would eventually lead to energy sufficiency in the country.

In a statement on Friday, the commission said the first step is for consumers to replace incandescent lamps with energy saving lamps.

While many Nigerian homes are in the habit of leaving their lights on all day, NERC urged that lights not needed at any time of the day should be turned off.

Again, it disclosed that many old model home appliances are now being replaced with energy efficient ones, adding that electricity consumers should rather go for appliances that consume less energy.

It also advised that freezers and fridges should be switched off whenever empty.

“Use fans instead of air conditioners when possible”, adding that doors should be kept shut whenever air conditioners are being used.

“Do not leave water heaters on for too long”, it said.

Addressing customers who prefer the use of hot water while bathing, NERC said room temperature water is advisable in order to save energy.

On clothe ironing, the commission threw its weight behind bulk ironing instead of ironing in small quantities.

Lastly, it said electrical appliances should not be put on standby mode, as they can use as much as 10-40% of electricity consumed during normal operation.

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