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Discos metering plan now 46% completed

  • NERC fast-tracks metering to end estimated billing by 2020
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OpeOluwani Akintayo

09 April 2018, Sweetcrude, Lagos – Statistics from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC, show that electricity distribution companies or Discos in the country are forty-six percent gone in their metering plan.

According to a document by the commission, titled ‘Consultation Paper For A Regulation To End Estimated Billing’ obtained by SweetcrudeReports, NERC said that as at July 31, 2017, the number of metered customers stood at about 3,451,611, representing about 46% of the total customer population of 7,476,856 on the billing platform of the Discos.

A breakdown of the figure provided by the Discos themselves, showed that Abuja with a customer population of 862,696, from 2013-2017 has achieved 49,775 meters installation under the Credit Advance Payment for Metering Implementation, CAPMI, introduced in 2013, while those funded by the Disco was 2,506. These make a total of 52,281 meters distributed within the years reviewed instead of 96,000 metering obligation per year.

Benin Disco, with a customer base of 771,226, gave out 101,640 meters under CAPMI, while it funded 11,987, making a total of 113,627 as against 264,000 yearly metering obligation.

For Eko Disco, the company with a customer population of 442,201, was able to give out 61,527 meters and an addition of 9,494 bankrolled by it – totalling 71,021 instead of a yearly target of 204,000 given it by NERC. The company, however, claimed in September last year that it had metered 65 percent of its customers.

Enugu Disco with a total 809,829 customer base, was able to distribute 1,396 meters from 2013 to 2017, while it funded just 376 meters. These bring total number of meters installed by it to 1,772 within four years as against 48,000 meters it is expected to distribute yearly.

On its part, Ibadan Disco with the highest customer population of 1,474,364, was able to give out 150,766 meters under CAPMI and 36,000 funded by it, making a total of 186,766 instead of a yearly coverage of 217, 611 meters.

The metering achievements by the electricity distribution companies also showed that Ikeja Disco, with a customer population of 835,736, funded 60,852 meters. The company with aa yearly metering obligation of 120,000, failed to provide any data for meters it distributed under CAPMI.

For Jos Disco, 63 meters were distributed under CAPMI while 3,578 meters were funded by the Disco. The firm with 384,691 customer population has a yearly target of 100,000-meter distribution.

Kaduna Disco, with population coverage of 641,582, was able to install 17,016 meters under CAPMI, while 36,000 was funded by it, making a total of 49,569 meters distributed by it. It has a yearly 187,200 metering obligation.

With a yearly metering obligation of 100,000, Kano Disco, which has 472,453 customer base, failed to provide figures on the number of meter provided by it under CAPMI. It the funded distribution of 2,182 meters.

Port Harcourt Disco with a population of 488,600 customers, gave out 24, 888 meters under CAPMI while 40,868 were funded by it, totalling 65,756 meters distribution. The company has a yearly metering obligation of 100,000.

As for Yola Disco, which is the only distribution company still being run by the Federal government, it was able to give out 3,725 meters under CAPMI and funded just 1,360 meters, a total of 5, 085 meters. Its customer base is 293,478.

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