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Russia’s oil export duty seen rising to $137.5/T in Oct

18 September 2018, News Wires — Russia’s oil export duty is expected to rise to $137.5 per tonne in October from $130.0 a tonne in September, data from the finance ministry showed on Monday.

The level of the duty is calculated by the finance ministry and is based on the monitoring of seaborne Urals crude oil prices from Aug. 15 to Sept. 14.

    Export duty per tonne, in U.S. dollars:

                       October     September         RICs
 Average price for          74.46         71.05       URL-NWE-E
 calculation (barrel)                                 URL-E
 Average price (tonne)      543.5         518.7       URL-NWE-E
 Crude oil                  137.5         130.0       CL-EXPDTY-RU
 Discounted rate *            0.0           0.0       DCL-EXPDTY-RU
 High viscosity crude        22.7          21.4       HVCL-EXPDTY-RU
 Light products, middle      41.2          39.0       PROD-EXPDTY-RU
 Gasoline                    41.2          39.0       MOG-EXPDTY-RU
 Diesel                      41.2          39.0       DL-EXPDTY-RU
 Naphtha                     75.6          71.5       NPTH-EXPDTY-RU
 Heavy products             137.5         130.0       FO-EXPDTY-RU            
 Petroleum coke               8.9           8.4       PETC-EXPDTY-RU
 Oil lubricants              41.2          39.0       MOIL-EXPDTY-RU
 Propane-butane blend        27.4           8.6       LPG-EXPDTY-RU
 LPG clean fractrions        10.9           3.4       BUT-EXPDTY-RU

       * The discounted rate for crude produced at newer fields in eastern Siberia,

fields operated by Lukoil in the Caspian Sea as well as Gazprom Neft’s

Prirazlomnoye offshore Arctic field.

(Reporting by Darya Korsunskaya; writing by Polina Devitt; editing by Andrew


– Reuters   

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