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    Fred Okituneng

    I believe de intention of govt 2withdraw de subsidy is a good prayer is apropriate mechinaries shud be set in plc 2guide against monies realize 4rm d withdrawal ending up in some pocket.

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    This is a laughable and shemufal report.1. How did they come about the Marketers to refund money? Was it based on particular transactions that were found to be fraudulent?2. On what basis did they exonerate others?3. How could a company have been paid subsidy without importation and supporting documents? What was then the basis of computing the subsidy and how was the total amount arrived at?4. Which unregistered firm imported products?5. Is PPPRA a Marketer? So How could they have paid themselves over N312 Billion?6. Which depots and filling stations did they go to to confirm that 3, 171,644, 336 litres of petrol never got to the market? Or they just imagined the figures?7. How could they blacklist 2 world class auditing firms because they could not use them to validate their pre-determined end. What was their offence? They stood by the fact that the importations that they audited were clean and even where subsidy computations were erroneous (either over or under), they effected the corrections because all subsidy payments from 2006 to date were based on audited figures certified by the independent auditors.Please let us think and as questions before being carried away by senseless sensationalism.

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    I was gripped with fear when I saw the eunomros amout of money that have beem stolen. While some people are busy enriching themselves, the majority of Nigerian have been subjected to hardship and abject poverty; and meanwhile they have also been made to buy fuels at higher rates with high condition of living.The most pitying aspect is that this report will soon be swept under the carpet and nothing would be heard of it again. The over a trillion naira that has been stolen would also be gone for good. If not, by now arrests should have been made and government officials indicted if not for lack of shame and dignity should have started resigning by now.God help and save Nigeria.


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