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    Egbuson Premobowei J.

    A sustainable measure should be adopted to clean up the crude oil spill in a sustainable way. Young men and women in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria should be trained on how to manage crude oil spillage sustainably. Lastly, the people in Odioama and other affected communities in brass Local Government Area should please be adequatly compensated.

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    Good questions, Alastair. I would say that your #1 and #3 are the most kleily scenarios. To some degree, the available oilsands product will displace existing refinery feedstock, and so production of refined products will go where they are going now (some exports, some domestic). Since oilsands would only have one other market (US Midwest) with temporarily depressed prices, there is the potential that Gulf Coast refiners get a lower-cost feedstock than they are getting right now, making additional runs economic, and so you see more production of refined products, therefore more exports of refined products. US isn’t exporting upgraded (Synthetic Crude) oil, they are exporting more refined products, primarily diesel.


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