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“NEITI is committed to working closely with the companies under the EITI framework to create good business environment that is conducive for the inflow of more foreign direct investments into the extractive sector. For this to happen we encourage all companies to embrace transparency, accountability and corporate governance in conformity with the EITI standards,” he

He said, “If the amount of empathy, concern and commitment to the people in the Niger Delta and their plight shown by the Buhari administration had been shown by past governments, there would have been no reason for agitations in the region. All that the people require and are asking for is basic development and understanding which is what the Buhari administration is offering.”

He said, “The focus of the Board compliance monitoring had focused largely on the upstream sector operations of the industry, mainly because of the higher percentage spend in the sub-sector. In 2017, we have reorganised our monitoring structures and will pay much more attention to the implementation of Nigerian Content in the midstream and downstream sectors of the industry.”

“So, what actually we are developing is a Nigeria Flag National Fleet and in this particular instance, the model that we are working on is for private investors to bring their funds and the Federal Ministry of Transportation is a facilitator of the Nigerian fleet or the Nigerian owned National fleet or indigenous fleet.