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    Our live is our major priority,but if those bloody South Africans take us for granted, we’ll pay them back with blood. we are being robbed,our laptops, phones and other stuffs have been stolen by south africans.
    On the 5th of march 2012, two ARMED robbers went to the appartment of Nigerians at night, around 3-4am they entered the first room and collected the laptop and some other stuffs of a nigerian, then they went to the other room, they found the laptop on the bed but the owner was in the toilet, when he came out he saw the theif folding the laptop together with the charger. he rushed the boy and he started beating the boy, suddenly the other thief entered with a gun and freezed the nigerian. the other theif stabbed the nigerian. while the other theif cocked his gun the nigerian ran away from the room. so they went away with two Laptops.
    On the 8th of march 2012, they came again, this time they were 5 in number. immediately, they went to the same appartment again
    . unfortunately for them the boys were. The nigerians chased the thieves. 4 ran away and 1 was caught. i nearly stabbed the boy, but we were advised not to touch him, we called the police and we handed him over to them. This same morning we recived a call from the phone they stole, they said they would comeback for bloodshed tommorow. What should we do ? should we fight back ? should we sit and do nothing ?


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