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    . I suggest a ‘repackaging’ of this cltiare, word for word and it being sent to every citizen, the corridors of power – Aso Rock, the Senate, House of Reps and every government parastatal both at the state and Federal level so they’d know the impending action of the Nigerian ctizenry. But then, would the so-called ‘insane’ people up there be moved by that? I honestly doubt it. Yes indeed. What we need in this country is action. Not from the government (they’ve botched every opportunity they had) but from the very citizenry. We need to let these insane guys up there know that we, the sane ones outnumber them like sands to stones on a seashore. The country is indeed in shambles and we cannot remain complacent with being dubbed ‘the happiest people on earth’. That phrase is a pure mockery and an irony of the highest order that stinks to the high heavens and we need to show the world that we have what it takes to be reckoned with on the global scene. Enough of the mockery. Enough of the stupid rebranding sh*t. It all makes no sense and to me, it’s a sheer waste of resources and a demonstration of total confusion on the part of our leaders who appear to have totally lost a sense of purpose or direction. Let’s call a spade a spade and do something while we can. It’s time for a revolution. I’m in on this one. Who else?PS- Aloofar, that was lovely. Good to hear from you again.SSD, I love this concept of ‘guest writers’. I would love to contribute my quota in future. There’s so much to say but then action definitely speaks louder than voice.


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