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    For any human related Organisation/ society to thrive and be sustained, there must be a well defined and effective reward and punishment system in place. In the 80s, late Gen. Idiagbo almost achieved that kind of society I Nigeria. Corruption is now the excuse for corrupt Govt officials to perpetuate more corruption, it is now the reason why most young graduate Nigerians want to become politicians and get into govt or the “system” as it is commonly known by youths. Subsidy-if honestly there is one because I read an article on line by an economist that argues with calculated data that there probably is none- is not the major problem in this country. Our problem is a proper reward and punishment system in the govt and society. Sometimes I feel if Rt Gen. Obasanjo, or Bohari, or Atiku and their likes visits Abuja, Mr president pies in his pants-no disrespect meant sir, just calling it as it appears to every average Nigerian- if Mr president is petrified by these Men and the lot in the senate or traditional rulers-none the wonder bokoharam is on the increase- perhaps gut of someone like Rollince of Ghana will not necessarily be an evil right now. I think PMS deregulation is an expression of the govt’s fear to face head-on the “Economy leechs” which this govt knows well, instead Mr president opts to punish and burden Nigerians even more as he furnishes his fear/inability to face these “demi god” and effect a proper punishment which will in the long run win him a vote of confidence from Nigerians. Unless they have something on him too? Is Mr president in some kind of cathel divide and rule agreement with the so called cabals?


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