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    Thomas Oshioke John

    After watching the debate on tele and reading through this summarized version; i have this to write:

    The proponents of the subsidy removal are right.
    Even though; the imminent pain accompanying its removal would seem never ending and hard on the common man(like the vice president of the labour congress pointed out). To be frank: It is still by far preferable to the fore-telling danger of doing nothing and watching our youths suffer a greater sisyphean-cause ahead.
    And the issue of the government being a slothful two-faced bitch shouldn’t surface here.
    Of utmost importance is the fact that we need the employment schemes published and our refineries should be running production above that 30%(as pointed out by the minister for petroleum) ASAP! Thank you.

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    To me, the solution to the burning issue of fuel subsidy removal is like a beheaded head talking, what does it has to say? Our past government are 100% responsible for taken us to where we are today. We have lots of portfolios that our so called national cake is always servicing but yet no visible outcomes. Ask Minister for Agricultiure of what benefit is the office to the Nigerians? No visible or reasonable national farm. No particular product (crop) we could call ours. These problems also apply to other offices, the country spends money on them but at the end there is no harvest. In summary, the present dictators want us to pay for what we never bought. Ask Goodluck, Sanusi, Iweala, minister for petroleum and others when last have they paid for fuel consumption from their purse? That answers it all.


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