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    SECT MEMBERS ARRESTED IN KATSINA. am glad jonathan eledu has been relesaed. now how about the scores of others arrested and still detained by the sss with out charge? like in katsina state the sss has recently arrested members of one hijiriyya sect because of the opinion they hold about their religion. this is akin to the fbi arresting mormons in utah for holding opinions counter to the mainstream christians. between 40 to 50 youths were arrested and incarcerated with no intention of charging them to court. stories coming out indicated that they were being tortured using water boarding techniques etc. of course the sss learned about water boarding from the cia. how preposterous in a democratic dispensation and to think the katsina state governor is a lawyer really beats me.freedom of expression is for all of us and the earlier we start fighting for it the better for all of us in the long run.keep on the good work solomomdelle


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