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He said, “If the amount of empathy, concern and commitment to the people in the Niger Delta and their plight shown by the Buhari administration had been shown by past governments, there would have been no reason for agitations in the region. All that the people require and are asking for is basic development and understanding which is what the Buhari administration is offering.”

“Before now, there were a lot of doubts whether the Federal Government actually had the political will resolve the issues or whether they were only talking for the sake of talking. It has become abundantly clear that the Federal Government is committed to the resolution to the conflict and stability and development of the Niger Delta region.”

The group claimed its findings showed that N80 billion which was supposed to be used in developing the Niger Delta was used to prosecute the election of a former South-South governor, while N40 billion was also withdrawn from the NDDC coffers to prosecute the last re-run election in Rivers State.