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    Good to see you here. Thanks for coming. The truth is I don’t know what is going on, but I liebeve in democratic principles as a means to gurantee the freedom, development and success of Nigerians. I understand that Nigerian democracy will be different from democracy anywhere else, but I just don’t want us to turn away from a beneficial [email protected] N.I.M.M.O.: Ah, where do i start? lol! I agree, Nigeria has had ‘brushe’ with democracy in the past, but as this is the first time in Nigeria’s history where one democratically elected President has been followed by another democratically elected President (yes, I know of the issues from the election), I can’t help but think of Nigeria as a young democracy. Besides, if you talk to any political scientist, they would likely agree despite your obviously correct assertion. They would agree with my assessment because Nigeria despite previous brushes with democracy is still struggling to establish clear democratic principles and systems. Nevertheless, I acknowledge and somewhat agree with your point.As to Nigerians being arrested upon arrival, how do you know that many have not been arrested? Just because we don’t hear about it in the news does not mean that people aren’t being detained. COnsidering the lack of information on Elendu and Asiwe’s arrest, I could posit that we simply do not know if that is the case. What we do know, is that 2 bloggers who focus on the issues you and I like to pay attention to were arrested. That, is enough for me to see it as part of a larger pattern of events I have been watching. It could be nothing, and if that is the case, like everyone else, I will be glad. But if this is a part of something larger, we all need to tread carefully.”If you call your own mother a witch, why should blame anyone for not eating in your house.”lol!!! ut unfortunately, you are 100% correct. Rebranding, in my opinion, must happen at home. This is part of my argument about PPP, hopefully someone will see your comment and think about stepping up the internal message for Nigerians.As to who is a journalist, that is an issue that has plagued journalists all over the world. The advent of blogging and its influence has complicated things. However, with regard to Elendu, even the has taken up the cause for freedom of speech for bloggers. So, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if a person is a blogger, journalist or simple uneducated market woman. Every Nigerians has the right of free speech and expression. Journalists should be the first to defend that right, I think. But, to each his own.I must also thank you for pointing out that I did not link to the Punch newspaper article that reported Asiwe’s arrest. I apologize for that mistake. I was extremely tired when I wrote this post, though that is no excuse. Thanks again, my [email protected] Naija Ecash: “What does it cost to set up a Nigerian blogger to counter whatever “rubbish” that is published against the POWERS THAT BE. “I have always wondered why the government hAS NOT TAKEN THAT APPROACH, AS FAR AS i KNOW. Maybe they have and we just don’t know. Maybe they are working on it, but it would just be better to uphold the consitution and continue to improve the country for everyone at this point.Thanks for swing ing by!


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