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    if the govt is not ready to fight corruption, why inutttsie a probe in the first place. Again, if the probe was supposed to be a cover up as some would be quick to conclude, why make such an indicting report public. Nigerians, let’s not call a dog a bad name to kill it. What, I ask, is the purpose of occupy nigeria ii’ why act in haste, why not wait and see what the govt will do with the report? Why, I ask. Young people, tread with caution and wisdom and not the hot-headedness associated with youth. If it’s posterity we are fighting for, let’s not be brash about it. Nothing good comes out of being brash. P.S. I support the security agents for stopping protests A young nigerian woman, unrelated to anybody in govt and desirous to see the greatness of her nation!!! Long live GEJ, long live Nigeria


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